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Tuning for Speed

Philip Edward Irving OBE, C.Eng., F.I.Mech.E., M.S.A.E., (1903–1992) was an Australian engineer and author, most famous for developing the Vincent motorcycle engine. He authored the books ‘Tuning For Speed‘ and ‘Motorcycle Technicalities’, and for many years wrote a column in Motor Cycling magazine under the pseudonym ‘Slide Rule’.

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Irving’s life was devoted to his passion for Motorcycles and Motor Racing.

To honour Irving’s great achievements, the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport named its highest engineering award the Phil Irving Award.

Although Tuning for Speed might seem of primary importance for owners of classic motorcycles, the foundation understanding and principles it offers are still relevant to all in the fields of competition engine development, cylinder head tuning, gas flowing, motor performance, motorsports, porting and the race tuning and speed tuning of motorcycle and automobile engines. It introduces readers to the language and theory of the ‘go faster’ world.